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Semi-Staged Performances

There comes a point when a writer who has belief in his play needs to get others interested. Putting on a full staging is often prohibitively expensive. We offer a possible solution. What the writer and other interested parties need to be sure of is that the piece will be effective in the theatre. A simple reading, although inexpensive gives only a part of the picture.

For a nominal fee we can arrange a semi-staged performance using professional actors and a professional director, book performance and rehearsal space, provide suitable music/sound effects and operate the sound during the performance, deal with administrative matters and put together the programme. This takes a great deal of hassle away from the writer.

The writer will of course have to cover the costs of rehearsal and performance spaces but, if we use our regular locations, these are usually available at a substantial discount. The writer would also be responsible for covering the expenses of actors and director on both rehearsal and performance dates. The writer should also supply a buffet lunch for the rehearsal. This can usually be arranged with the venue again at a discount.

The approximate cost of staging a four hander in this way (all above costs included) would be between £200 and £250 at current rates.

NLA can also provide other services for the writer wishing to make use of this service – script formatting, printing and dispatch to actors, printing programmes, provision of an e-flier. These additional services, if required, are provided at cost.
Comments from former users of this service are attached (or whatever) add Lucy Bell and Richard Stirling pieces.

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The help of the NLA has made all the difference to me as a writer trying to establish myself.
Lucy Bell, writer

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